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Are you close to being able to buy a home but aren't quite there? Did you just move to Texas or another State and aren't sure where you want live? Do you need to rent right now but really want to buy a home in a couple years? Lease with a right to purchase program may be right for you. I will help you find the home of your dreams, and you may take up to three years to purchase the home with a home loan that you will secure when you are ready. 


Chrissie Provost | REALTOR®

Fathom Realty

Looking to buy and skip the lease to own. Click the mortgage calculator below to see how much home may qualify for.


This program provides responsible households with a clear and transparent path to home ownership through its Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. This program provides Three years of rent certainty with only a one-year financial commitment on the lease. 



If you want to own a home but cannot currently qualify for a mortgage, or if you would prefer to rent a home now with the goal of purchasing it in the next three years then this program may be for you. This program doesn't focus exclusively on your credit score. The full credit profile of your entire household is taken into account when they review your application to the program. 


As with a stand lease agreement, the program requires you to sign a lease for a year and make a security deposit. Unlike a standard lease agreement, you will have renewal options providing three years of rent certainty and the right to purchase the home at a price established when you enter the Right to Purchase Agreement, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement you can also select the home that you want to live in from all homes included from time to time in the program as shown on their website. 



The program buys homes in specific approved communities, so you can go to their website and see what communities are currently in their program. We will guide you in finding the right home in the right community in the program. Once you are approved the purchase price in your Right to Purchase Agreement that is the price at which you may purchase the home during the term of the lease, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement whether the home is later appraised a a higher or lower value. If you do not purchase the home as provided in the Agreement, the program may rent or sell the home to others when you lease ends. 


Your initial lease is for one year, so your financial commitment is limited to one year. You lease is renewable every year for three one-year periods, and you have the right to notify us if you don't want to renew the lease. Your full security deposit will be returned as provided in the lease if you decide to leave the home at the end of a lease period and have been in full compliance with the lease. 


Your Right to Purchase Agreement gives you the right to purchase the home you select from the program at a predetermined price for every year of your lease, as long as you have been in compliance with the lease, Agreement, and other documents. You are under no obligation to buy the home from the program.

Please sign up below if you believe you meet all the qualifications below. 

Qualifications for lease with option to purchase
application process.

1. Does your household make a minimum of $50,000 per year? (Combined or alone if single)
3. Do you have at least twice your target rent amount available in a bank account?
4. Do you or any household member have an open/unsatisfied Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or
pending bankruptcy? If Bankruptcy is satisfied or discharged, please answer ‘no’.
5. Have you or any household member ever been evicted or have or had any outstanding
apartment collections?
6. Absolutely No Felony charges at all. Does not matter how long ago. It will disqualify you. 
7. Do you have any pets? Guidelines allow no more than three pets, with a
combined maximum weight up to 180 pounds and do not allow the following breeds:

Pit bull, Rottweiler, Mastiff, or Doberman.

8. TransUnion score of at least 550.
9. Understand that the  process can generally take 35-45 days from the time of contracts to buy a home until I may be able to move in. 

10. Stable employment history.

11. Stable rent history.

12. $75 Dollar application fee. 

13. Understand that all homes must meet a set of criteria in order to qualify. 

14. Will not be able to use section 8 with this program. 

Once your application is received and approved  I will call you and we will meet to find your new home! Keep in mind the home you chose will be the home you will be able to purchase. Make sure you include your phone number, happy hunting! I am excited to work with you! 


You will be taken to the application page after submission,after approval, applicants will be contacted and the home search will begin. There is a $75 application fee per household before approval process can begin.


You must agree to Terms & Conditions before you submit. Please add rockwalldfwhomes@yahoo.com to your contacts so that our email does not go into your spam folder. Please check your spam folder for any emails from us. Thank you!

I agree that I am not currently using a REALTOR and I agree to use the REALTOR assigned to me. Do not submit if you are currently using a REALTOR.

I agree to the terms of use

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Participation in the program is available solely for consumer purposes and subject to approval. To exercise a Right to Purchase after entering into a lease, a resident must obtain their own financing such as a mortgage loan from a third party lender or pay cash. This program is nott a mortgage company, does not have any obligation to provide or arrange a mortgage loan, and cannot guarantee that a resident will be able to obtain a mortgage loan.