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These are HUD-Owned properties. Not all homes in all States are posted on our web site. For More information about the Program please visit our GNND Program Page. For questions about the program please visit our FAQ page.

The availability of HUD GNND homes is subject to the Asset Manager removing the home from the market. Homes can be removed at anytime during the bid period, without notice.

At GNNDUSA we assist participants in connecting with trained HUD registered Agents in their area. We notify clients of HUD properties available. HUD does not promote properties or let qualified buyers know that they may purchase a GNND properties for half off. We provide promotion, help, understanding. At GNNDUSA we notify eligible participants of new homes in their area that they qualify for and inform them of program requirements.  GNNDUSA is not affiliated with HUD or FHA. At GNNDUSA we are a network of professional HUD registered Agents, and Lenders working together to serve each qualified buyer in every state in the U.S. Nationwide. It is an honor for us all to give back to you for the service and dedication that each and everyone of you provide to everyone else.  You are all our heroes and we thank you all for your service!

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